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I'm very happy with the purchase and OKMO makes very high quality materials.


Los Angeles, CA


This is amazing. I take it with me a lot! It's never let me down! And the service is perfect!

Kristina Adams

Brooklyn, NY


Done fast test with some appliances, work great! Perfect when you lose power or for camping, every home should have one!

Mike M

Portland, OR


I recently used it after Hurricane Ida, and it worked perfectly. I used it to connect my small coffee maker. It did take a couple of hours to charge, but I didn't have to spend hours waiting for gas.


Glendale, CA


My lights went out, and I plugged up my fan to it to see how it worked, and it worked great. I haven't used the solar panels yet. I recommend it highly for now. Thinking about buying another.


Ann Arbor, MI

OKMO 1000W portable power station review – Gadgeteer

Our power doesn’t go out very often here, but when it does, it’s very inconvenient because my wife and I both work from home. When the OKMO 1000W Portable Power Station review offer came along, I jumped at the chance to have a little backup power.