OKMO Is The Flawlessly Backup Power Supply System for Your Home

OKMO Is The Flawlessly Backup Power Supply System for Your Home

This is survival living, so today we have the OKMO 2000 watt portable power station.


We already done a review on the 1000 watt system and i wanted to do a size comparison of the two as you can see the 2000 watt is slightly bigger it's about four and a half inches taller but it has twice the power capacity as the 1000 watt.


Now review on the 1000 watt did an amazing job but today we have a Kill-A-Watt Meter with us. So we'll be able to test out our equipment one of the big things i saw.


When i did the 1000 watt system people were asking about well will this help heat my home all right this is limited to 1 000 watts this thing had like 300 000 milliamp hours which comes to about 300 working amp hours for storage.


This one here's the 2000 watt it says 600 000 milliamp hours which comes to 600 amps as far as working amps and storage so this is what i always go by with my solar systems and everything else is the amp battery back.


All right how many amps do i have to work with so we'll be able to amp out and also check our wattages with the Kill-A-Watt Meter.


So the same setup as the 1000 as you can see has a power supply in this is where we go to charge into the wall or use dc to charge up or we can also use solar.


This is a anderson connection which i've got to pop up there for you amazon's got them for about 13 bucks this hooks up with mc4 connector to your solar so you can actually hook up now these take a 200 watt solar coming in so 200 watts is your max coming in.


And then you have to base everything off. On how long it's going to take to actually charge up this this one here took longer to charge up than the 1000 watt of course because it's a bigger battery bank.


Now we also have our simple usb ports just like this one, right here and we have our dc power so we can run dc equipment just like the other one, right here same setup just a bigger battery bank.


Okay guys so we have one of these uh decorative closet heaters, whatever you want to call them right here pull this out of the of the shed because it's Florida, we don't need them right now but in one time hey you could you need them so we're going to plug this thing in we're going to use our the OKMO and we're going to hook up our kill watt meter to it so we can test out everything with it and we're going to run this thing and see if it has enough storage capacity and operation capacity to run this heater, because being able to run a heater would actually be pretty freaking.




Awesome in the winter time so we turn our power on. Turn on our ac sine wave inverter did kick on there our Kill-A-Watt Meter is turned on, so we are going to plug in and we're going to turn everything on. 


I'm going to turn the flame the temp turn the power on all right we are at 70 watts currently let's turn on let me go and get the camera closer all right looks like we should be able to see the digital display is actually it's not flashing in real.


Like this is what's picking up on the camera this is actually steady stream light for some reason on the camera is flashing but we've got a 70 right now


All right so we got the temperature all the way up we got the flame intensity for the light show on the thing running.


Let's go ahead and throw it on high and this is that high we got 151 watts currently that is on high now, you can see how it's fluctuating that's our wattage so let's see what our amperage is we got .67 amps and that is on full blast for this heater.


That's freaking awesome. I like seeing low amperage because it means your battery banks gonna last much longer the lower your amperage being used the longer your battery lasts.


It's going back over to our wattage we're using 110 volts, which is correct and we are currently using 72 watts so we had a peak of like 150/160 and it even back out down to 72. these little uh heaters right here will warm up a house very quickly.


They will warm up a room very fast, it's what we use in our trailer set it right there, so as you can see i do have the lights and everything on we could probably turn the lights off and actually save our battery bank if we wanted to but we want to test the whole thing out this is a much larger heater compared to the smaller ones that you usually little space heats works very well.


All right so we have a shop vac this is an older style shop vac, so it's not state of the art as far as power efficiency but we're going to use it too. All right so I'm going to plug in a watt meter and grab the wand here. This is gonna get a little loud so as you guys can see it ran this old style shop back and this shop vac is a uh dayton model.


let me get the model in here for you guys so you can see, so like i said it's an older model it's probably older than me so it's not designed for efficiency.


Next up we've got a table saw why not right well that was loud and it's hot out here overcast and it's muggy okay so the miter saw works just fine i cut a table saw as a miter saw. 





All right next up we've got an air compressor. Air compressors drain a lot of power to get everything started up. So why not give it a try and see how well our power station works turn our power back on turn on our sine wave.


So awesome so our compressor will kick on and it will work, so we still got full bars here we're just testing things out making sure we have enough in the system to actually start everything that's what went with the heavy loads


The air compressor the miter saw that heater things that take a heavy load to start up sorry guys camera gremlin i was speaking about the amps our amps is our battery power reserves okay, our 2000 watt that is what is we have in store for that initial kick up all right anything over 2000 watt will probably won't be able to run as far as the initial start everything.


we've been running has been below that and it does the initial start and our battery reserves holds that amp that we need to run the machine and we got up to 2000 watts to actually work in so yeah it's doing very well I'm digging around and trying to figure out what else we're going to hook up.


i don't have many other tools that require large load um these are pretty much the largest loads right here that miter saw was a huge load air compressor the heater. All right guys so electric weed eater why not haven't tried it yet.


let's give it a shot turn the power on we're turning our ac on our inverter is on, plug her in see what she does she will definitely run.


Let's get you closer to the meter here so we can all see i'll switch over to amps right fast hmm okay so everything we've thrown at this system so far has worked we haven't had any failures.


I'm gonna dig around and see what else i can find to run on this, what's amazing is all these tests that we're doing we're having to hit the battery bank, we still got full charge not bad so the initial thing with these systems you have to make sure your system doesn't have a high higher kick start.


we had a 2000 watt kick starts what we got on this system the smaller systems that we showed before those are 1 000 watt systems all right they have a 1 000 watt kick um actually there is a higher kick on these, but I'm not really sure exactly what they are but it's say 2 000 just to be on the safe side. So 2000 has been able to run everything so far and our battery banks are still holding strong when you get into how long something will run you got to amp it out and see how much amperage your equipment runs.


That's where we're running the amps and stuff. You can see 6.2 or 0.67 remember this is 600 000 milliamp hours 600 000 milliamps you do the conversion that's 600 amp hours of working amp hours of storage that's a lot of power.



oh yeah all right guys so you can see we successfully run our pole saw with our power station.


Hopefully the amperage and everything showed up for you because it's kind of hard to hold that and the camera safely so we were able to run that. um I'm running out of options here i don't have large equipment power supply units and stuff like that to be running. 


You know what we haven't done a microwave yet, that's a very good question can this thing run a microwave it'd be nice to have a microwave in a power down scenario wouldn't it let's go run a microwave like i said.


guys this thing here does is not big enough to amp this thing out we were able to do the meters up to almost 1500 um watts but reading the amps we couldn't read the amps that it was drawing but we can still cook with the microwave


yeah that's freaking awesome, you're going to run a microwave and grid down very cool. This system right here the possibility is unlimited. You can use this for truck camping, you can use this as a backup system for your home. I mean we're running a microwave you're cooking food our inverters just now kicked on in the power station. 


That's the first time it's done that i mean our fans our coolant fans have just now kicked on all day long we've been testing this thing out this is the first time it's actually turned on to cool off the system freaking amazing.


okay so this is my review on the 2000 watt OKMO portable power station guys. 


I'm impressed we've already went ahead and purchased ourselves one of the 1000 watt uh systems we will be purchasing another 2000 watt system the reason being we threw everything we had at it and these are items that we would be using out in our homestead in wyoming.


These are items that we use every day here and it's working so having this as a backup power supply. Something that you can hook up run your equipment and stuff at home in case of a power failure whether it be natural disaster or a man-made event. Having power is definitely key, i can run a freaking microwave with this thing that's 1500 watts drawn out of it no problems at all, so running medical equipment cpap machines things like that this system will do it all right now this system is a little bit more pricier than the 1000 watt system i believe this is running about fourteen hundred dollars. 


I believe that if i remember correctly but guys definitely check these things out if you have to budget absolutely, budget we have to budget everything, we're not rich we put a little bit back a little bit back and finally we purchase what we want.


This system right here is freaking awesome, if i ever did truck camping. This is what i'd be taking with me um we're gonna go ahead and probably put a thousand watt system in the vehicle anyway that way no matter what we also have an emergency power supply in our vehicle.

But having something like this on hand it's a good idea, i mean we were able to run the heater. i've had the comments hey do you have a way of heating up a home with this thing.


You can also get the smaller heaters if you want to just do a small room. All right we use that one heater we have one almost identical to that one for our trailer, that's what we use it's electric heat uh works great. 


We can also run our air conditioning unit our air conditioner doesn't draw much power uh we run that out for normal solar so yeah a window unit no problem at all. This thing here is freaking amazing now like i said with the solar guys, you have to have the anderson connection. 


All right which just i popped it up there for you guys, uh because i was gonna hook up my solar to charge it up and my solar cables just slide in there's no pin tensioner, you have to actually have a connector in there they're like 13 bucks on amazon.


So we're going to be ordering a couple of those because we're going to be building our own systems for our charging stations every single one of these charging stations we have we'll have an independent system.


What i'd like to do OKMO if you're listening i would like to review your solar panels for this your systems are freaking amazing i love them i am very honored that you have contacted me to work with y'all on checking these things out and running them through the test and that's exactly what we're doing so your systems themselves have proven flawlessly, they work amazing


I would really like to get hold of your solar panels your charging systems and i like to do some tests on those too see how well how fast these things work the durability of them these systems right here are amazing so anyway guys if you're interested in these definitely check the links below um we do get a percentage of all these sales we're always transparent about everything we are affiliated with these guys they have stepped up they have contacted us with these products and we're running through the test as you've seen we run everything through it we test these things out so this thing right here was a very good investment if you're dealing with solar anyway go ahead and get one of these it saves you a lot of headache when you're trying to guesstimate how much power you're using but this right here guys is absolutely amazing!