Field Testing the OKMO 1000W Portable Power Station

OKMO has kindly provided me with their 1000 Watt Portable Power Station to test out and review. I was a bit skeptical of the unit at first since it was priced a little bit less than most of the competitive models. I was pleasantly surprised by its performance!

The unit was packed in a cradle of foam, fully assembled and ready to go. I decided to use the included AC wall charger to top off the battery before using the device. This is generally a good habit for most any battery operated device, as the batteries are usually only partially charged from the factory. It is also supposed to improve the overall lifespan of the battery (but don’t ask me how!)


There is not as many frills on this model as some of the competitor products, such as an output / load wattage gauge, but it has all the features that are most important.

I was originally a bit skeptical of the battery output based on the smaller size of the unit and weighing only 30 pounds. But when I tested the output run time while running 1/4 hp pond fountain pump, I was very happy to see it performed in line with the specs.