• Q1:What is the maximum watts of solar panel can be used to charge G2000?
    A: The maximum input wattage of G2000 is 200w(Anderson input). As for recharging time, it depends on which panel you are using and weather conditions, for example, the G2000 can be quickly recharged within 14 hours by connecting two OS100 100W solar panels together with an adapter cable. Recharging time may vary from different location, temperature, weather etc, the actual time may be different.

  • Q2: How to know the working times for my device? Why does the duration of some devices deviate from the actual usage data?
    A: Working time = 2220Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device. Please note: actual power consumption varies from different usages, please consult OKMO for better purchase decision.

  • Q3: What devices can OKMO G2000 power?
    A: Please note that the AC output port can only charge/power devices that operate at less than total 2000 Watt. Once exceeding, the G2000 will shut off automatically. Please refer to your device specification before purchase.

  • Q4: Does OKMO G2000 include a built-in MPPT controller?
    A: All OKMO power stations have a built-in MPPT controller.

  • Q5: Can I use it while its charging?
    A: Yes, you can do pass through charging when using AC outputs, but don't forget though this will stress the battery out lowering its live cycle.

  • Q6: Is the G2000 power station and OS100 solar panel waterproof?
    A: They are not waterproof. Please do not store them in humid environment for longtime.

Note: Due to the big size of OKMO Power Stations & Solar Panels, PO Box address can not be accepted.OKMO Power Stations can not be used as UPS.